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Non-Profit Templates

***This area is for Churches who are already Pre-Approved through the US Postal Service to mail at the Non-Profit rate (9 Cents per piece for Every Door Direct Mail)***
Scenario #1
If you have already gone through the steps below to be approved, please select a template below to continue.  Please provide you "Non-Profit Authorization Number" in the "Additional Instructions" section below the price calculator on the right side of the next page.

Scenario #2

If you already have a Non-Profit approved indicia through the USPS please fill out the following form USPS Form 3623, scan and email it to or fax to 909-930-9972 and select a template below.

Scenario #3
If you have Non-Profit status with the Federal Government/IRS (Exa: 501c3) but have not been approved by the USPS then you
are eligible to apply for FREE to mail at Non-Profit rates through the USPS.

To apply:
1.  Please fill out this form Non-Profit Free Application (Form 3624)
Page 1.  Fill out
Page 2.  Instructions for page one
Page 3.  For USPS to fill out but must be included with Application and is a good checklist to make sure you have everything.
2.  Also fill out USPS Form 3623.
 2b.  Include requested documentation in application and mail, fax or scan and email application and supporting docs.
 *** Once we receive your application and supporting docs, all paperwork is submitted, routed manually through Washington DC and can take 2-4 weeks for approval.  You will receive a letter or email stating the approval and containing your new "Non-Profit Authorization Number."  Once approved, please contact us with your new "Non-Profit Authorization Number" to begin mailing.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via phone 909-930-5562 or by email at
1. Price Calculator/Upload Your Design Non-Profit
6.25" x 9.00"
Calvary Christmas
Calvary Christmas 2
Calvary Easter
Calvary Easter 2
Calvary Easter 3
Calvary Easter 4
Calvary Easter Come Rejoice
Calvary Easter Come Rejoice 2
Calvary Chapel
Calvary 2
Calvary Worship