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"The Direct Mail Experts"

Direct Mail for the Digital World

Introducing TrackDirectMail, a new way to boost the ROI of your direct mail campaign by expanding your marketing reach through six coordinated digital features.


What is TrackDirectMail?

TrackDirectMail is a marketing-based solution that seamlessly tracks the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing results through the integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram.


Here’s How It Works

TrackDirectMail extends the life of your direct mail campaign through multiplied exposure to your target audience. 80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact. TrackDirectMail adds an additional 8-12 touches to each direct mail recipient, significantly enhancing your results.


TrackDirectMail’s 7 Integrated Digital Technologies:


We pre-match your mailing list to social media accounts and deliver your ads to those people before, during and after your mailing!

Mail Tracking

Track your mail all the way down to the per-piece level.

Informed Delivery®

Increase ROI by putting your mail piece in the digital and physical worlds simultaneously.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking Seamlessly track the effectiveness of your campaign by tracking and recording every call that comes in as a result of the mailing.

Online Follow-Up

Increase conversions by pairing your direct mail campaign with the Google Display Network.

Social Media Follow-Up

Increase conversions by pairing your direct mail campaign with Facebook and Instagram!


Track and record all website visitors as a result of your mailing and mail to website visitors who came not as a result of your mailing.

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Campaign Calendar

Your campaign now goes beyond direct mail.  With SocialMatch, Google and social media follow-up, your digital campaign starts on your mail date.

Ready to integrate direct mail with digital marketing and effortlessly track its capabilities?

Let us show you how TrackDirectMail can work for you!

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