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Kawasaki Co-op Program Details

Here you can find all of the forms and contacts you will need to inquiry about Accrual dollars, approval forms and claims.  Please read carefully and call the Co-op Administrator with any questions before ordering to ensure you understand the program. 
*** Please note, it is the sole responsibility of the dealer (you) to obtain approval, understand the program and submit a claim for reimbursement.  While desires to make you aware of your co-op option, we accept no responsibility or liability pertaining to availability of funds, reimbursement percentages & timing, accrual discrepancies, etc....

Email Accrual Inquiry
to Co-op Administrator

Fax Accrual Inquiry
to Co-op Administrator

Claim Form

Plan Comments

Prior approval is required for all dealer created ads. Dealers will accrue funds based on 1% of dealer net invoices for units shipped of Kawasaki Motorcycles, ATVs, Mule side by side, JET SKI watercraft and Teryx side by side from January 1,2011 to December 31,2011. Units must be invoiced to a dealer from Kawasaki to be eligible. Base Co-op funds are allocated an an annual calendar-year basis. Base funds can be applied to advertising during period of January 1 through December 31 of the following year. Additional funds may be allocated through special programs during the year, announced in sales bulletins, EDDs and Ad Alerts. Account must be current. Dealer must have dba on file with mfr to qualify. No carry over of unused funds. Finance program advertising - any promotion with a finance offer must include specific finance offer disclaimers as provided on KMC produced ad materials. Billboards are managed and executed by Kawasaki's ad agency, Vertis Communication. Contact Bonnie Nightingale 949-476-0893 or email her at or fax to 949-476-2381. Dealers are now allowed to use base co-op funds to pay for (P & E) Promotional and Event marketing (50%/50% co-op). Kawasaki- supported activity (e.g., Kawasaki rider appearances) may receive higher reimbursement rate of 60%/40%. Dealers must fill out "Promotional & Event Marketing Prior Approval Form" and submit to their DM and Kawasaki Management for prior approval. Reimbursement cannot exceed a total of $2,500 or 25% of dealer's base co-op, whichever is higher) per calendar year. Product giveaways and tradeouts are limited to a maximum of two units per calendar year. * Dealer group advertising is allowed and reimbursement will be determined by the materials used in the promotion. Co-op advertising statements are sent monthly. Co-op claims and approvals may now be submitted through: Contact mfr or mfr.'s sales rep for further information and available ad materials
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Eligible Media (Print)
Classified; Direct mail; Flyers; Daily/Sunday general circulation newspapers; Pennysavers; Circulars; Weekly paid circulation newspapers; Magazines;

Media Approval Required
Open houses;

Advertising Specs
Prior approval from the ACB is required for all dealer created ads; Exclusive ads only; Used products do not qualify for co-op; Correctly use Kawasaki logo & trade name; Trademark must never be used as a noun; Generic dealership names with no brand identity are acceptable; Clear illustration & identification with model name and number of at least one new or current year Kawasaki product; Mfr sends monthly statements; Rates verifiable through independent audit; Kawasaki logo as prominent with the same height as dealership name; Trademark name prominent; Product brand name; Make no claims mfr does not make; No pay for production, talent or agency fees; "Flying K" mark cannot be used by itself; Product illustration is required; ATV ads must use correct safety disclaimer; Proper use of trademark names, logo colors (Refer to planner for specific names); Registry symbols;Follow Map guidelines; Current MSRP must be included and identified as such if any price other than MSRP is mentioned; Kawasaki logo must be at least as large as the dealership name; No reference to and/or mention of other brands, products, names or logos are allowed; The only exception to this is if the dealership name (DBA) and or website contain a brand other than Kawasaki ; Model id of at least one current year products; Standard classified ads do not require illustrations; Direct mail- mfr pays on production charges; Finance offers must include appropriate finance offer disclaimer; Recommended that corporate logo be used with slogan " Let the good times roll"

Claim Requirements
Itemized paid media invoice; Full page tear sheet for each day and each ad;Original mfr. claim form; Production invoice; Postal receipt; Preapproved ads send prior approval form with authorization number and signature even for repeat claims of the same ad; Magazine, Circulars, Catalog, Direct Mail -send complete issue; Printer's invoice; Ads running more than 3 days consecutive- need notarized affidavit of performance;Claim by registered mail; Direct mail, flyers and circulars send actual sample of piece mailed/distributed & invoice showing quantity printed and cost; Prior approval from ACB; Official publication e-tear sheets are acceptable.