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Q & A's:

Q:  What is Every Door Direct Mail?
 "EDDM" is the BEST NEW Localized Marketing Tool available for small businesses through the U.S. Postal service.  EDDM allows small businesses, using a FREE mapping tool, to select their local markets they want to mail to at a postage rate of 16.4 CENTS (7.6 CENTS *Non-Profits)! (See how-to video for help)

  Why would a small business use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) instead of other advertising mediums?
A:  Small businesses know that 85% of customers come from within a 5 mile radius of their location and the key to success is to "Localize" their marketing efforts.  

 Lets look at the most popular mediums today:

  -  TV - Reaches outside of local market, expensive to produce commercial and air, 

USPS has come out with a FREE market mapping tool and mailing program called "Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM for short)".  This tool allows you to type in your address or zip code and map all of the postal routes around your business(See how-to video for help).  You can select the routes you want for FREE and mail at 15.9 cent per piece.

Q:  USPS mailing regulations: What sizes piece is eligible for this postage rate, where do I drop it off, how thick does the paper have to be, what paperwork do I have to fill out, etc...?
We only offer EDDM compatible sizes, paper thickness and design options.  We also handle EVERYTHING for you!  Once you select your carrier routes, your size option, enter quantity, design your piece and pay.... We will print, cut, bundle, package, handle paperwork, verify mail, submit to correct USPS location and make sure postage is paid.

Q:  I live on the East coast and is in Southern California... Can you still mail for me?
A:  We can print and mail nationwide including Alaska and Hawaii.

Q:  How do we know the same number of pieces were mailed that I paid for?
A:  Every order includes a separate package mailed to you with 10-15 samples of the of the actual mailed pieces along with a copy of the USPS confirmation stating when the pieces were mailed, how many pieces were weight verified and which post office they were mailed from.